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83 sound effects to use in your game or project. Electric motor sounds are useful for creating a huge variety of sound effects; robot limbs and movements, electric doors, vehicles, weapons, flaps opening and closing, controls, mines, engines and a host of other uses. Compiled over a long period, this set contains lots of real electric motor sounds in pulses and loops. All recordings are clean, dry, and the loops are seamless, perfect for inclusion in any scenario that calls for them. Some classic motor sounds from other IndieSFX sets have been included here for your convenience.

Supplied in mono 44100hz wav format. Includes complete sound list.

S032B Motors:

CleanMed, CleanPulse, CleanPulseSpark, CleanShort, CleanLoop, CleanLoopEnd, DirtyPulse1, DirtyPulse2, DirtyPulse3, DirtyShort, DirtyStutter, DirtyMed, HissyPulse1, HissyPulse2, HissyShort1, HissyShort2, HissyGrowl, HissyLoop, HissyLoopEnd, GoldPulse, GoldShort, GoldMed, GoldLoop, GoldLoopEnd, FanBlast, FanLoop, FanShort, FanMedium, SoftPulse, IntLong, IntShort, GrowlyLong, GrowlyMed, PowerdrillMed, PowerdrillShort, PowerdrillLoop, PowerdrillLoopEnd, DeepPulse1, DeepPulse2, DeepShort, DeepLoop, DeepLoopEnd, ServoPulse, ServoShort1, ServoShort2, ServoShort3, ServoMed, ServoMedlong, ServoLoop, ServoLoopEnd, GreenPulse1, GreenPulse2, GreenVPulse, GreenShort, GreenMed, GreenLong, GreenLoop, GreenLoopEnd, DryerPulse, DryerCalm, DryerLoClose, DryerLoEnd, DryerHi, DryerHiClose, DryerHiCloseEnd, DryerFlyby, GravelPulse, GravelMed, GravelDeepMed, GravelLoud, MotorA1, MotorA2, MotorB1, MotorB2, MotorB3, MotorC1, MotorC2, MotorD1, MotorD2, MotorE1, MotorE2, MotorE3, MotorE4.

Created and supplied by Mark Sheeky of IndieSFX, a sound effect library for games founded in 2002 which contains over 6000 original sounds. These sounds are free to use in your game or project. See Licence.pdf for full terms.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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