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129 sound effects to use in your game or project. Ideal for arcade games, Explosions And Arcadia contains a mix of white-noise based explosion sounds, and electronic beeps and bleeps for switches, controls, pick-ups and other game events. Many of the sounds have an electronic or tonal quality.

Supplied in both mono and stereo 44100hz wav format. Includes complete sound list.

S001A Explosions And Arcadia:

Airburst1, Airburst2, Airburst3, Airburst4, AjaxAlpha, AjaxBeta, AjaxGamma, AlienFailure1, AlienFailure2, AlienFailure3, Atomic, BadJudo, Bangahigh, Bangalow, Bangamid, BoulderdashHigh, BoulderdashLow, Brickout1, Brickout2, Brickout3, BrokenGlass1, BrokenGlass2, CobolLong, CobolMid, CobolShort, Darkdeath1, Darkdeath2, Darkdeath3, Darkdeath4, DeepforceAlpha, DeepforceBeta, Dit1, Dit2, Dit3, Explodion1, Explodion2, Explodion3, Explodion4, Fallover, FliptileFast, FliptileSlow, FlyingSaucer, GiantsFootstepLeft, GiantsFootstepRight, Gold1, Gold2, Gold3, GoodJudo, Ironwall, LightbulbPop, Mangathon1, Mangathon2, Masseev1, Masseev2, Masseev3, Menumotion1, Menumotion2, Menumotion3, Menumotion4, Metaldebris1, Metaldebris2, Metaldebris3, Metaldebris4, Mousetick1, Mousetick2, Newspaper1, Newspaper2, Ouch, Phasdit1, Phasdit2, Phasdit3, Pickmeup1, Pickmeup2, Pickmeup3, PongrificLeft, PongrificRight, Popa1, Popa2, Popa3, Popa4, Punch1, Punch2, Reverand, RocketLong, RocketShort, Rubberwall, SDI1, SDI2, SDI3, Sentinel, Skythunder1, Skythunder2, Slapthunder1, Slapthunder2, Smak1, Smak2, Smorgasbord, Spaceballoon1, Spaceballoon2, Spaceballoon3, SpeederAccelerate, SpeederCruise1, SpeederCruise2, SpeederCruise3, Stinger1, Stinger2, Stinger3, Tatlock1, Tatlock2, Tatlock3, Tatlock4, Tatlock5, TingBell1, TingBell2, TingBell3, TingSine, TingSquare1, TingSquare2, TingSquare3, TingSquare4, TingSquare5, Wallbounce1, Wallbounce2, Wetdit1, Wetdit2, Wetdit3, Wetling, XurIncoming, XurOutgoing.

Created and supplied by Mark Sheeky of IndieSFX, a sound effect library for games founded in 2002 which contains over 6000 original sounds. These sounds are free to use in your game or project. See Licence.pdf for full terms.


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